Illini Guardians is determined to pool the power of the Illini fan base and show the country what NIL programs can and should be.

"Make no mistake, Name, Image, Likeness is the biggest change to come for college athletics since the adoption of athletic scholarships in the 1950s.  When disruption occurs, some organizations take advantage of the disruption of the game and see an opportunity, others fall by the wayside."

Josh Whitman, Director of Athletics, University of Illinois
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Illini Guardians T-Shirt
Every Illini Guardians subscriber will receive an Illini Guardians t-shirt to promote the quickly growing community behind the nation’s top NIL collective!
Receive (2) Big 10 Champs Commemorative Front Pages
Illini Guardians is proud to offer each subscriber a glossy printed commemorative front page from the News-Gazette’s coverage of the 2021 and 2022 back-to-back Big Ten Men’s Basketball Championships! (while supplies last.)
Exclusive Access to Special Events
Illini members will receive exclusive access to events limited only to members.
Illini Football or Basketball Jersey
Through NIL contracts with players on the Illini basketball and football teams, we offer you the choice to select a fantastic replica jersey of any one of these players, or the soon-to-be-famous “Guardians Jersey”!
One Year IlliniGuys Membership
Led by CNN and NBATV anchor, Larry Smith, IlliniGuys is the premier website for all Illini recruiting news, sports and draft updates, and regular exclusive podcasts on all things Illini!
Limited Edition Merch Drops
Illini Guardians will offer subscribers limited edition custom designed shoes as well as exclusive t-shirts contracted through NIL deals with Illini student athletes!
Women's NIL Project Video Greeting
Illini women student-athletes must also have the opportunity and fan engagement that comes with a top-quality NIL program.  To help fuel this objective, Illini Guardians will contract with female student-athletes to provide short, personalized email videos.
Personalized Founders Gift
For the first 1,000 Illini Guardian subscribers at $500 per month or higher, you will receive a custom-boxed, laser engraved steel Iceshaker drink bottle, with your name laser engraved below the Illini Guardians logo!
Autographed Jersey
We will enter an NIL contract with a member of the Illini men’s basketball or football team to provide you a signed replica jersey as a mutual show of support and appreciation for engaging our student-athletes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Illini Guardians Use Pooled Funds?

We provide student-athletes opportunities to enter NIL contracts to participate in community social service engagement and events. For example:

1. Illini Guardians will use pooled funds to contract with student-athletes to participate in Illini Guardians sponsored events with a pre-vetted group of local philanthropies each year.

2. Illini Guardians intends to contract with inner city youth groups to bring children from “Urban to Urbana” to watch a game or practice and participate in a meet and greet with the team, whose members will be compensated through an NIL contract with Illini Guardians.

3. Illini Guardians will foster opportunities for women athletes through our Fighting Illini Women’s Venture, whereby women student-athletes will be paid to record electronic greeting messages to Illini Guardians’ subscribers, serve as mentors, and grow the reach of NIL into women’s sports.

4. Illini Guardians will create an exclusive on-line marketplace whereby Illini Guardians will purchase autographed items from student-athletes through NIL contracts, and then make these available for resale to Illini Guardians’ subscribers.  We will also offer the platform for student-athletes to engage in the licensing of personal, curated, and proper NIL experiences with individual Illini Guardians subscribers as the marketplace evolves.

5. Finally, Illini Guardians expects to host “meet and greet” events throughout the year, whereby student-athletes will be contracted to appear, meet, greet and generally feel the power and support of an NIL program done right.

And this is just the start.
You can’t spell Illini without NIL or spell Guardians without U.
Welcome to the world of Illini Guardians.

What Is NIL?

NIL stands for Name, Image and Likeness. Student-athletes are now permitted to earn income from the use of their NIL assets. Examples of how a student-athlete can earn income includes, but is not limited to, personal endorsements, appearances, autographs, inclusion of their NIL on physical merchandise or digital content, participation in special events, experiences and promotions.

What NIL Cannot Be...

Student-athletes cannot receive “pay for play” and NIL payments cannot be used to induce prospects. Payments cannot be gifts and therefore, all payments must have a related “value exchange” between the buyer and the seller (student-athlete).

How Can The University Of Illinois Business Community Participate?

Businesses are permitted to purchase the NIL Assets of student-athletes to promote their businesses products and services, including but not limited to personal appearances, social media promotion, inclusion in commercials, the creation of specialized video content and more.

How Can The University Of Illinois Community Of Individual Supporters Participate?

Individual supporters can write checks or place their credit card on file to become “Insider Members” of the collective and receive a set of benefits created from the NIL assets owned by the Collective. Including exclusive access to member-only benefits such as livestreams, autograph sessions, personal meet and greets, and more...Individual supporters who become Insider Members can also purchase memorabilia (physical and digital) from the private marketplace that can only be accessed by logging into the Illini Guardians website.